Download MI PC Suite V3.2.1.3111 Official (Updated) 2020

MI PC Suite

MI PC Suite is an exclusive tool for Xiaomi android phones. The newest version has already translated into English and also updated. Most of people want to download it for their windows.

37.4 MegaByte | Last Update 12.12.2019

It is a standard USB driver because it will connect with the phone or pc directly. On the other side, the MI PC Suite has more functionality to make any job easy with the phone.

By using this application, you can complete a lot of tasks. It allows you to transfer any folder from phone to PC. You will be able to play the complete Backup or Restore. In this quick guidepost, we will share with you about the latest version of MI PC Suite and how to install it so fast.

What is MI PC Suite?

MI PC Suite is the phone manager application for the Xiaomi phone. It is a window based toll that designed by the xiaomi company. They did it to convince their users at Xiaomi phone management. MI PC Suite3.0 version is the second update of this application. It was so comfortable with a lot of devices. But it was an issue that this version was updated in the China language. As a result, non-Chinese users needed to convert the tool into English. Next time, Xiaomi updated this version into English version and also into the latest version.

How To Use Mi PC Suite

  • It allows you to backup or restores images, contacts, photos, massage, any files, and also videos.
  • It will sync the phone into the PC and permits you to transfer any file.
  • You also can update your device with the latest Xiaomi version.
  • It allows you to flash with an update on the Xiaomi devices.
  • Let you restore bricked Xiaomi with this MI PC Suite.

Highlighted features of this tool

  • Backup & restore option – Excellent backup and restore hold up for each type of data such as message, video, and so much more data.
  • App tab– It includes app tab that helps you to install and uninstall APK applications.
  • Screencast option– It contains Screencast aspects that are essential for screen handling by PC.
  • It works so well to transfer the file superfast.
  • File explorer option– It also allows you to manage any files on a phone with your MI PC Suite file explorer. The data may music, wallpaper, APK, and archives.
  • Photo tab & video tab– It includes the photo and video tab that let you edit the images or video tab where you may import them too.
  • Music tab– This tool contains a music tab that needs to manage your favourite tracks, and you can play it into your PC.
  • Message & contact tab– it’ll to control the message and contact. It allows you to control the functions by the PC.
  • Updated option– this option assists you to check any update by clicking on an updated alternative. And then you also can click on ‘Update Now’. MI PC Suite will update your device automatically. And instantly, updated, download, and install it in your device.
  • Fast boot optionWhen you open your device with fast boot option, it will become active instantly. Plus with it, PC Suite can open a dialogue box that needs to flash ROMS. Keep in mind that if you shoot the device, all of the data of it will wipe. So, it will better for you to backup all the data before going to do it. If you can do it successfully, a dialogue box will ensure that the operation is the success that can reboot the device.
  • User-friendly file managerThe most excellent feature of it to support you in file management with your file explorer that need to arrange, organize, and so much more
  • Sharing option– With the help of this tool, sync the Smartphone to the PC plus manage all types of files from your desktop. You can use the internet to sharing any file on your mobile or computer. This tool will help you to manage all media appropriately.

How do you install MI PC Suite?

  • Download Mi PC Suite and then install this tool.
  • After installing, you should connect the Xiaomi PC Suite device into your windows via USB cable data. The Mi PC Suite Latest Version will install automatically, and the phone can correspond with your PC. Once your drivers all install successfully, you sure that all are good to go.
  • Open the program. The main page will include all types of options for file management, backup and restore.
  • Select your desired option and operate it following the onscreen instruction.

Common issue & solution

When Xiaomi device isn’t detected by PC, you apply the following MI PC Suite Note Detecting Phone Solution.

  • Attempt to install the latest version of MI PC Suite using your old version.
  • Attempt to enable the USB debugging mode on the Xiaomi device.
  • Follow the option to enable the USB debugging mode.
  1. Open Setting – go ‘About Phone’ – tap MIUI Version seven times.
  2. Back to the Setting
  3. Click on ‘Additional Setting’ under ‘System & Device’ option.
  4. Find and enable ‘Development Option’ if it was not activated.
  5. Scroll the mouse bar to find and enable the USB Debugging.


I have given a lot of information in details about MI PC Suite through this post in front of you. If you haven’t idea about the latest version of this application, this piece of writing must help you to know. Now you can download MI PC suite and will get all types of the opportunity of it.

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